Azuma Codes
Ernst-Reuter-Straße 70
D-65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

We are diversified services firm specializing in expediting quality projects throughout the Energy and Mining community in South East Europe. We represent a business network of Serbia & SEE steel and aluminium producers and engineering firms. Companies with significant capacities to fulfil clients requests in quantity, quality and on site erection works, experienced and referenced.

Metal production and manufacturing, relocation of your production to near shore market with available skilled resources and experts, engineering and EPC works in metal/energy/mining along with Owner Engineer/Project Manager role makes our network unique with complete business cycle available.

Energy, cracked. From Oil/Gas upstream to downstream,  Renewables projects, conventional power generation and energy related technology branding in new markets we have the technical knowledge and understanding to manage your project development, identify target risks and processes and create effective solutions based on proven track record.

Mining associates network include projects range from site location, reserve analysis, design, construction, quality control, and plant production consultation. Our main focus are machining metal production, specific civil construction and erection works for mining industry based on reliable and referenced suppliers base and members of our mining associates network.