Business Modelling
Engineering Investments

AZUMA CODES is business advisory focused on new market entrance and development projects in markets of South East Europe. Natural resources  such as renewable energy are the key focus of our business, along with expertise services for Real Estate investments, commercial projects are being developed with end customers preferences and in synergy with strategic JV partners.

Azuma as the majority shareholder of several expert based business services for SEE market, aims to provide its contribution for region development.

Our expertise hubs and services are one of our biggest achievement and market competitive advantages. 

Advanced Analytics
Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.
Corporate Finance
Linking corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to create value.
Change Management
Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage, yet few organizations do it well.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Value thru Innovations as key driver.
Ensure all-important ESG issues are effectively communicated.
Digital Strategy
Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage.
Our strategy
Industry Expertise

We believe material innovation and technology development will be one of the biggest drivers for economic growth.We invest in knowledge application development, advanced process integration development and expert based project management.

  • Project Management
  • Investment Management
  • Engineering, Owners Engineer
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Finance and Regulation
  • Market Entrance
  • Business Advisory
  • Private Equity
  • Public Affairs, Investor Relations
  • Utilities & Renewables
Engineering Investments

Value thru Innovations

Investing into Future

Our management team focus on our shareholder most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital.