Azuma Codes
Ernst-Reuter-Straße 70
D-65428 Rüsselsheim am Main


Our G code conversion software is unique, innovative & groundbreaking and our conversational software has become the “gold standard” in PC based conversational.

Our G codes can be used to replace … enhance … and simplify everyday manufacturing tasks to increase efficiency and profits.

CNC and machine shop experiences to develop our solutions line of CNC and machine shop software. Using those applications as a base, we can offer tailor made software development to solve your shop production issues. From conversational programming apps to G code conversion apps … to whatever. If your shop is facing manufacturing challenges we can assist.

Does your production floor suffer from “Control Incompatibility”?

In an effort to posses the best machine for the job … today’s production floors contain mutliple CNC machines with multiple CNC controls. This often results in re-programming, re-posting … or worse. Our groundbreaking G code conversion software can make all your CNC’s run seamlessly.